Terms of Use Policy
The East Alabama Regional Planning and Development Commission (EARPDC) provides this website to deliver access to the various activities completed by EARPDC.  EARPDC reserves the right to change this website with no notice to the user.  This website aims to be as accurate as possible, but we make no guarantees to the validity of the information.  If an error is found, it will try to be addressed as soon as possible.  In no event will the EARPDC be held liable for any damage arising from using this site.

Third-Party Websites/Services:  A linked site does not constitute an endorsement of the website, nor the information found within.  Furthermore, this Policy does not apply to any websites not directly operated by the East Alabama Regional Planning and Development Commission (EARPDC).

User Guidelines:  Various forms of communication services may be available on this website including, but not limited to, forums and chat areas.  By using these services you are agreeing to adhere to the user guidelines which stipulate this is a moderated public exchange of information.  Comments will not be edited, but comments that do not meet the user guidelines will be removed at the moderator’s discretion.  The following types of comments will not be permitted and will be removed.
  • Comments that are obscene, abusive, defame, harass, or violate legal rights of others.
  • Advertisements or solicitations.
  • Political Advertising.  Persons running for office may not use this as a political campaign platform.
  • Suggestions of illegal activity.
Personal Information:  Any personal information collected from this website will be secured from unauthorized access, use or disclosure. 

Posted 7.31.2012