Below is what Masters Games Board Member Nancy Robertson read at the Banquet when announcing the 2012 Masters Games Hall of Fame Award Winners.  Click on winners below if you would like to skip straight to specific winners.

Golden Alumni Awards
        District 4 - Mary Forester Jones of Jacksonville, AL
        District 6 - Eunice Greer of Woodland, AL
        District 9 - H.C. Miracle

All Star Awards
        District 1 - Brenda Pettus of Lexington, AL
        District 2 - Willie Mae Baker of Athens, AL
        District 4 - Susan Campeaux of Jacksonville, AL
        District 5 - Jerlene Dawson
        District 6 - William F. Lane of Woodland, AL
        District 7 - Mary Alice Fowlkes
        District 7 - Genevieve Johnson
        District 9 - Roland "Dusty" Rhodes

President's Award - Carol Morris of Muscle Shoals (District 1)
One of my favorite parts of the Masters Games is the awards banquet.  Tonight we are here to honor some of the participants who have taken part in the Masters Games of Alabama through our Hall of Fame Awards.  These awards were created to recognize outstanding achievements by individuals taking part in the Games over the years.  We take this night to honor those seniors who have had a real impact on the Games, and on other people.  Over 600 people have taken part in the State Games this year, but we will be presenting awards to just 12 of them.
And I would like to thank Carol Morris for helping me with the awards committee this year.
The first award category is the GOLDEN ALUMNI AWARD.  These awards are given to people who have been active in the games in the past, but who are no longer able to take part.

Our first winner, from District 4, is MARY FORESTER JONES.  Mary began participating in the Games in 2010, when she was 83 years old.  Each Thursday the Jacksonville Senior Center has “Masters Games Practice”, and each Thursday Mary would wear her Masters Games shirt.  She would say to the other men and ladies “Now come on girls, you don’t want to get old, we must practice!”  Throughout the year, she would encourage and keep all of the seniors motivated.  “Work hard, Don’t quit, You can do it!” were her constant words of encouragement.
She only received a walking medal at the state games last year.  They were certain that in 2012 she had gained the strength to place at District to win one of the medals.  Earlier this year, however, Mary had a stroke, and she is not able to attend the center, in fact, now lives in Atlanta with her daughter.  She still calls and sends cards, and is still encouraging people to practice and win.  She called prior to the Games, and the manager put her on speaker phone, and she said to everyone “I’ll be looking for your pictures in the Jacksonville News, and I want to see all Gold Medals!”
In honor of Mary, who did not get the opportunity to win her own medal, we present her this award as a token to her love for the Games, and as a reminder to us that age is just a number, and we each have the opportunity to encourage someone daily.  It makes a difference.   Accepting the Award for Mary will be the Jacksonville Senior Center Manager, Wendy Thompson.
From District 6, EUNICE GRIER is the winner of the Golden Alumni Award.   Eunice has participated in the Masters Games for 18 years.  Dominoes have been her specialty, winning medals – including the gold medal in 2008.  She has inspired newcomers with her positive attitude.  She is now 90 years old, can not walk very well, and is not able to participate any more, but is truly a winner.  

Our last Golden Alumni Award comes from Wetumpka in District 9, H.C. MIRACLE.  Mr. Miracle, better known to his friends as “H”, is known among his fellow District 9 golfers as one of the nicest men they have ever met.  Although a very strong competitor, having won or placed in every Masters Games tournament he has played in -  H remains cool, calm, and collected, always the perfect gentleman – even in the company of some of the rowdiest golfers to have ever played in this event (not to mention any names like Tommy or John).
H has played in the Masters Games golf tournaments since the beginning, even playing in recent years when his physical condition made it painful to do so.  His wife has made a special display shadow box for all his awards.  Even more than loving the game, he has loved the camaraderie with the other participants and the staff, which is what the Masters Games is all about.   

Our next Award category are the ALL STAR AWARDS.  These awards are given to honor continued and outstanding participation in the Games.  Consideration is given to the number of events entered, the medals won, the enthusiasm of the nominee, and the level of effort made.  Sportsmanship is a big factor in these awards.
Our first Award is presented to BRENDA PETTUS from Lexington.  When the people in District 1 think about an All-Star, they think of a person who is caring, thinks about others first, has a good attitude, and always seems to have a smile on their face.  In District 1, that person is Brenda Pettus.  She is someone who would give up playing in an event to help someone in need.  She has a competitive spirit, but is a good sport when playing the games whether she wins or loses. 
She has participated in Rook, Dominoes, Checkers, and Shuffleboard for the past 6 years.  For the past 2 years, Brenda has coordinated fundraisers for District 1 to help with funding for seniors to attend the state games.  When she was diagnosed with Leukemia, she said “I have to get over this, so I can get back to play in the Masters Games and take care of my friends”.  Everyone agrees she is a joy to be around.  Brenda is 65,with 2 children and 3 grandchildren.  She helps with the nursery at church, and has been the center manager in Lexington for the past 6 years.

The All Star Award from District 2 goes to WILLIE MAE BAKER.  Willie is known as a caring person, who takes time out of her life on a daily basis in order to help others improve their own.  She has attended the Athens center for three years.  Not only considerate of other people’s feelings, Willie also shares in their ups and downs.  She is compassionate, respectful, trustworthy, and generous with everyone she is associated with. 
Willie has had great fun with the Masters Games over the past few years, and has been a great encouragement to others even when she is faced with a lot of hardships in her own personal life.  An energetic person, Willie enters most of the events the Games have to offer.  Some she was not familiar with at first, but she embraced them wholeheartedly.  She will tell you it’s not about winning so much as it is to have fun, make friends, and be supportive of other people and their achievements.
According to Willie Mae, she believes in FUN, doesn’t believe in confusion, and just loves to make new friends.  She is an All Star to those of us in District 2!
SUSAN CAMPEAUX is the winner from District 4.  Her nomination was based on her dedication, commitment, and love for the Masters Games at many levels.  Upon reaching the State events, she stated that it was “all about telling my grandchildren about the events, and the medals I won.  They think I’m a COOL grandmother, and that means the world to me!”
Susan had never before competed in sports, or found an exercise she enjoyed.  She began swimming and shooting basketball after her doctor told her she needed to exercise.  In 2010, she reported in an article in the local paper that “I feel like a whole different person, I have so much energy now!”  Sue practices year round in all her events, so has now learned how to play shuffleboard, dominoes, and others.  Before these Games began she had already won over 25 medals, truly All Star material.
From District 5, JERLENE DAWSON wins the All Star Award.  At 88 years old, she had already won 39 medals over the last 11 years!  She competes in several different events, including “dancing the night away”.  Jerlene is known for that dancing, for being fun-loving, quick-witted, and spontaneous, making her a joy to be around. 
She had an active life with work in the health care field, volunteering for both children at day care centers, and those who are nursing home residents.  She has been an active member of First Missionary Baptist Church for 60 years!  I know her 6 children, 13 grandchildren, and 13 great grandchildren are proud of her tonight with this All Star Award!

WILLIAM F. LANE from District 6 receives the next Award.  William’s life has taken some very interesting turns – from being a Marine Corps helicopter pilot in Vietnam, to working for Bell Helicopter in Iran.  He has lived in Oregon, and also in Connecticut, but luckily made his way to Woodland in Randolph County, where he is the Senior Center manager. 
At 72, he has been taking part himself in the Masters Games for 12 years, and works hard to motivate people at the Center to get involved as well.  Get this -   he has won 86 District medals, and 62 State Medals!  Last year he threw the softball over 126’ to win silver, and swam fast enough to win Gold in the 25 meter backstroke.  In 2010, he won 6 gold medals in swimming events, swimming all events in one morning.
William found someone to come to the Senior Center weekly to teach his seniors how to line dance, because it seemed to him to be a fun way to exercise.  And, it was also a good way for him to get more people having fun at the Masters Games!
There were 2 nominations from District 7, because you hardly ever see MARY ALICE FOWLKES or GENEVIEVE JOHNSON without the other!  They have both been involved with the Masters Games since the beginning.  Every year, they have each placed in at least 3 events, so that means they have been at all the state games for many, many years.  However, Genevieve did miss ONE recent state games event, as she stayed home to graduate and receive her Bachelor’s degree from Bishop State College.

Between the two of them, they have taken home over 50 medals from the State Games. They both excel not only in Dominoes, but are outstanding in their leadership and sportsmanship as well.  It is said that they always have both a smile and a hug for their friends.  Congratulations to Mary Alice and Genevieve!

From Deatsville in District 9, ROLAND “DUSTY” RHODES is the All Star.  He started participating in the Masters Games in its first years, and as soon as his wife Mildred “came of age”, he recruited her too.  Dusty participates in almost every event -  and wins so many games, it is impossible for him to get in all the state events because of conflicts in scheduling.  I guess that gives some of the others a chance!
Dusty represents what Masters Games is all about -  remaining active and joining in the fun.  Not only is he an accomplished athlete, he is also a joy to be around, always smiling and  personable – the kind of participant that makes this event so enjoyable for the Masters Games staff and other participants.
Our Board wants to recognize Dusty with the All Star Award for his accomplishments.

Our last award of the evening is the President’s Award, chosen by our Board President, and presented to someone who has contributed in a major way to our Games.  The person who is receiving this year’s President’s Award has worked behind the scenes with the Masters Games for 17 years, going above and beyond anything that was asked of her in promoting and supporting the Games at both the district and state levels.  CAROL MORRIS, has been secretary to the Board for 16 years now, and has done everything else from help raise funds, drive participants to events, serve food, decorate the places where the Games are held, and anything else that needs a pair of hands (including this Awards Committee).
This past year was a special challenge for Carol, as the senior center where her office was located was destroyed by fire.  During the rebuilding process, it would have been easy for her to lose the paperwork, or get overwhelmed by the job.  Instead, she made a picnic table her desk, and used her cell phone to conduct business of both the district and state games. Working on all the details, a favorite line of hers is “I knew that”.
Carol has been instrumental in making the games the success they have become.  Cindy Roberts said that as President of the state Board, there is no way she could thank Carol enough for the outstanding job she has done for the state Games.  Carol, we all appreciate you for your many, many contributions to this event, and want to acknowledge that with the 2012 President’s Award!