Below is what Masters Games Board Member Sandi Wilson read at the Banquet when announcing the 2014 Masters Games Hall of Fame Award Winners.  Click on winners below if you would like to skip straight to specific winners.

All Star Awards

​          Dist. 1 - Kenneth Bourn of Killen
​          Dist. 2 - Dorene Hannah of Decatur
​          Dist. 4 - Frances Nelson of Heflin
​          Dist. 5 - Johnny Payne of Lipscomb
​          Dist. 6 - Mary Kuhn of Opelika
​          Dist. 7 - Mary Fuller of Robertsdale
​          Dist. 8 - Juanita Jenkins of Andalusia
 Golden Alumni Awards

​          Dist. 4 - Patricia Ann Elston of Anniston
​          Dist. 6 - Elaine Boyle of Opelika

President's Award
          Norma Ruffin Smith Martin of Oxford

The District 1 special person is an all-around All Star.  If he slows down, he must be sick.  He is a loving, caring person and always thinks about others first.  He has been participating in the Masters Games for the past 8 years and loves sports, competing in Softball Throw, Nerfball & Frisbee Throw, Dominoes, Horseshoes, Shuffleboard, Basketball Free Throw, and his favorite, Rook.  He has many medals to show his wins.  Regardless of whether he wins or loses, he is a good sport. If he is not entered in a game, he is volunteering to clean floors, make coffee, or maybe cover tables.   The person we are talking about is Kenneth Bourn.
Ken has 5 children, 8 grandchildren, & 2 great grandchildren and is known to his family as “Pops”.  He is the number one fan of his grandkids in their many activities.  He is very active in his Church, Center Star United Methodist, and attends Killen Senior Center.  His wife, Betty, is his partner in life, his dance partner, and is his Rook & Double Dominoes partner as well.  If you ever need a helping hand or just someone to talk to, give Ken a call for he will stand with you no matter what.
As long as there is the Masters Games, Ken Bourn will be there competing in every sport he can qualify for.  He is a great representative of the active senior the Masters Games are all about. 
Congratulations to District 1’s All Star, Kenneth Bourn!

Mrs. Dorene Hannah has been participating in the District 2 and state Masters Games for 14 years.  Mrs. Hannah competes in many events each year including: rook, dominoes (doubles and singles), basketball free throw, Frisbee and Nerf throw, horseshoes and shuffleboard.  Over the course of the 14 years, Mrs. Hannah has taken home several ribbons each year from the district 2 games and has also taken home 10 medals in the state games in rook, shuffleboard, dominoes and basketball free throw.
Every year, Mrs. Hannah enjoys the games with her cousin and partner in crime, Jean Porter. They are always together and make a feisty pair.  They partner in rook and dominoes doubles. When asked how the games have impacted her life, this is what Mrs. Hannah said:
“I tell you what. I think I enjoy the game because you meet such friendly people from other places. They tell me, ‘Uh oh you’re back again!’  We remember one another from year to year.  I enjoy the people because they are so nice and friendly.  It’s made me and my life better, especially since my husband passed away.  You got to enjoy life to keep living and this helps me do that.”
Congratulations to District 2’s All Star, Dorene Hannah!

Frances Nelson began playing in her district Masters Games in 1998. She won her first medal in the state games in 2002.  Since then, Mrs. Nelson has taken home 27 state medals, including 10 gold medals. She loves playing Nerf and Frisbee throw, basketball free throw, softball throw, horseshoes, and checkers.  Come rain or shine, hot or cold, Mrs. Nelson is there to compete in the games. She has had to roll her pants legs up to keep them from getting muddy and even went to a banquet with wet clothes when horseshoes finished late. Regardless of the circumstances, Mrs. Nelson has fun. 
Mrs. Nelson says, “The Masters Games has made me realize you can have fun regardless of age or handicaps. It helps you maintain your mental and physical health. I look forward to the games every year. I have met some of the most wonderful people… can’t remember their names but look forward to seeing them every year. Last year I was asked to carry the torch and that was an honor for me.”
Congratulations to District 4’s Frances Nelson for being an All Star!

Johnny Payne has been participating in the Masters Games of Alabama for at least seven years.  At the State Games he has qualified in Rook, Frisbee/Nerf Throw, Softball Throw, Bowling, Dominoes, Shuffleboard, Line Dancing and Fun Walk. Although he has medals in Frisbee/Nerf Throw, Dominoes Singles, Shuffleboard and Line Dancing, and of course Fun Walk, his greatest claim to fame is Bowling. In those seven years, he has either won a Gold, Silver or Bronze Medal, except last year. He said he didn’t medal then because for some reason, they did not allow cross-lane bowling which messed up his game!
Johnny has a pleasant personality, and he gets kidded a lot, but he takes it all in stride. You can always call upon him to say a prayer at the start of our trip, a blessing at meals, or prayers before we leave to go home. Recently, he has been the only ROOSTER in our henhouse!
He is a member of the Fairfield Senior Center and Ephesus Seven Day Adventist Church where he is a Deacon, choir member, and food pantry volunteer.
Congratulations to Johnny Payne for being District 5’s All Star!

Mary Kuhn is District 6’s All Star. Mary is a dedicated to Opelika Parks and Recreation as an employee.  Beyond just being an employee, Mary shines through the encouragement she gives the seniors to be the best they can be and try new things. Mary helps run the district games no matter who is hosting to ensure everyone has a great time and the games run smoothly. 
In addition to her dedication to the games, Mary is a great competitor, winning numerous medals at the state level. We are so proud of Mary.
Congratulations to District 6’s All Star, Mary Kuhn!

Thirty-five years ago, Mary Fuller was injured in a tragic house fire. Although this left her disabled and practically wheelchair bound, Mary has fully participated in the Masters Games for over five years at the district and state levels. Mary has medaled in dominoes, dominoes doubles, and Nerf & Frisbee throw. She has also competed in horseshoes, shuffleboard, and basketball free throw.
Mary’s driving spirit and positive attitude truly embody the spirit of an All Star. District 7 is proud and honored to have her.
Congratulations to District 7’s All Start, Mary Fuller!

A good leader is the key to a successful team, and our All Star tops the list.  Juanita Jenkins has bowled for over 60 years and has been the president our bowling league for over twenty years.  Her dedication and support is unwavering and her love for bowling has brought great success. She has won many first place ribbons on the District Level and a first and third place medal at the State level.  When asked about her love for bowling she stated it keeps her young and active. She loves the people.  She actually loves bowling so much she bowls on multiple leagues.
Representing the Andalusia Senior Center, Juanita has proven to be an asset to our Department and the City. We rely on her to handle a wide variety of jobs, often with little or no notice.  Juanita is instrumental in promoting all the activities at our facility.  She is very dependable, dedicated and always willing to go above and beyond. Her personality makes it a joy to be in her presence. 
Congratulations to Ms. Juanita Jenkins for being an All Star in District 8!

Ms. Patricia A. Elston participated in the Master’s Games from 2005-2013 until she could no longer participate due to knee complications followed by total knee replacement in February 2014.  Despite having her life changing surgery, she is very proud of her accomplishments during her life’s journey.  She won several first place medals in the Nerf and Frisbee throw.  Ms. Elston’s participation during the Master Games has impacted her life in so many ways.  It has taught her to be confident in what she does, to never give up, and that age is mind over matter.  She is proud of her awards and excited to encourage her other fellow patrons to participate and learn different sports.
We are proud of her too. Congratulations to Patricia Ann Elston for her Golden Alumni Award!

Elaine Boyle exemplified the huge impact that the Master’s Games can have on someone’s life. She loved being part of District Games.  Elaine qualified for several events for this year’s State Games, but sadly passed away just a few short weeks ago.  She told her sons in Florida and New York about her team of “Recycled Teenagers” who would be traveling to Oxford to compete.  She practiced hard and always encouraged others to participate despite their ailments.  She was proud of every medal and always sent her sons a picture herself participating.
At her funeral in New York, she was buried wearing her medals from the games. Her sons wish all of you the best of luck and a fun State Games!
Thanks you Elaine.

Norma Martin was a 50+ year resident of Oxford, Alabama. She was a teacher for approximately 26 years in the Oxford school system. She got involved with Parks and Recreation volunteer work when her husband, Earl accepted the position as the first Parks and Recreation Director in 1968. In 1984, Norma decided to run for a place on the Oxford City Council. She won that election and 4 more, until she retired from politics in 2004. While on the City Council and for many years after, Norma was an avid volunteer with the parks and recreation department, RSVP, Kiwanis, Girls Scouts, Colonial Pines nursing home, and many other organizations. She also hoped that her beloved Oxford would someday have a performing arts center, and she worked diligently toward that long-term goal, now a reality. Norma was recognized last year at the grand opening of that facility for her efforts and dedication.
Don Hudson, Director of Parks and Recreation Department in Oxford, was responsible for the innovation of the Masters Games of Alabama in 1991. But he did not act alone. Norma Martin and several other volunteers were instrumental in these efforts. Norma not only helped volunteer during the district and state games, she was a long-time participant. She volunteered for every other recreational program offered through Oxford Parks and Recreation until making the difficult decision to leave Oxford and move to Cullman near her family.
So, today we recognize Norma Ruffin Smith Martin for her instrumental efforts, hard work and dedication to the Masters Games of Alabama. We thank her tremendously for her inspiration and hope that we can all follow in her footsteps.