Below is what Masters Games Board Member Sandi Wilson read at the Banquet when announcing the 2015 Masters Games Hall of Fame Award Winners.  Click on winners below if you would like to skip straight to specific winners.

All Star Awards 
          District 1 - Betty Williams of Muscle Shoals, AL

          District 2 – Harry Chandler of Cullman, AL
          District 4 – Henry Campeaux of Jacksonville, AL
          District 6 – Cordie Bell Green of Woodland, AL
          District 7 - Iris Ethridge of Orange Beach, AL
          District 8 - John Choquette of Dothan, AL
          District 9 - Annie Freeman of Montgomery, AL

Golden Alumni Award
          District 4 - Estelle Lee of Jacksonville, AL
          District 6 - Oliver Faye Williams of Wedowee, AL
          District 9 - Judy Taylor of Eclectic, AL 

President’s Award

          Alison Hall of Auburn, AL (District 6)

In 2002, a new face came to the Muscle Shoals Living Center as the new Center Manager. She was not at the age to compete in the Masters Games but encouraged her seniors to take part and go for the gold. When she reached 55, she was ready to take part in the games herself. Even though she competes in a lot of the games, bowling is her favorite. She is a big help with District 1 in helping planning for the State Games. When there is work to do, she is always there. She has helped score the games, make hotel arrangements, and arrange for transportation to the games.  Betty Williams has stepped up to the plate when help was needed.
She have been the center manager for thirteen and a half years at the Muscle Shoals Living Center. She is married to Freddie and they have one daughter, Ryan, who is her pride and joy. Betty is an active member of the Highland Park Church of Christ. She likes football and supports the UNA Lions and Alabama Crimson Tide
Thank you Betty for all the work you have done for District 1 helping get us ready for the state games. You have been a blessing and are a true All Star!

Harry Chandler is very active and fit for 84 years young and one of the most caring, Christina men you will ever want to meet. He is an avid Table Tennis and Horseshoe player with Table Tennis (by far) being his favorite event.  As a matter of cat, Harry has taken first place in Table Tennis in his age bracket from 2010 until last year.
If you ask him what inspires him, he’ll tell you that he just loves sports. Harry has been involved in playing sports most of his life. Harry loves the fellowship with all the other players, especially when at the state games because he gets to meet new people and witness to people he may never see again. Harry says, “The Lord has been so good to me.  I love Him and love people.”
Congratulations to District 2’s All Star, Harry Chandler!

Because of his compassion for people and his love for the games, Andrea Morris of Jacksonville Senior Center is proud to nominate Henry Campeaux for the District 4 All Star Award.  Aundrea said his participation in the games began in 2008 when he and his wife, Sue, decided that Masters Games would be something different and could possibly be fun. As it turns out, Masters Games has had a tremendous impact on his life and encouraged him to stay socially and physically active.
His wife says, “Henry’s interest in the games was more about fellowship that the medals.  He is the least competitive person I know.”
Henry placed 2nd in Nerf and 3rd in Frisbee in 2012; 2nd in Frisbee and 3rd in Nerf in 2013; and 2nd in Nerf in 2014. Each year he also earned a Fun Walk Medal.  This year he decided not to compete but rather, to do what he enjoys most, which is being a volunteer for the games and supporting other seniors. Henry is a true example of love and a great role model for others.
Congratulations to District 4’s, Henry Campeaux, for being an All Star!

Cordie Bell Green has been competing for 20 years this year.  She jokingly said, “I have won so many medals that I asked Cooter if I could sell the back!” Well, she would earn a lot of money because she has taken home 59 gold medals, 34 silver medals and 20 bronze medals between her district and state games combined.
Cordie says, “The games have been something to do. They have helped me and others stay active and meet new friends along the way.”
The center itself has been a Godsend to her and the others who attend. People from the center would say Cordie is the Backbone of the Woodland Senior Center. She is the “Boss”! If it needs to be planned, done or fixed, she is the one to see.  If they need help with an event, she is the first one to go out in the community and acquire the materials or individuals to be successful. She always makes new members and visitors feel welcome. She is an outgoing, loving and loved, helpful, respected and vital member of the Woodland Senior Center.
Congratulations to District 6’s All Star, Cordie Bell Green!

What would you think of a woman who in her life had already: obtained a master’s degree, been licensed as a 100-ton boat captain, owned her own business, won government elections, is currently a board member on a hospital, and even had a day proclaimed in her honor?
Iris Ethridge started her career as a school teacher. Upon her retirement she and her late husband, Bill, started the Crosstie Fishing Charter Company. She was the first woman to obtain a 100-ton US Coast Guard license in the Orange Beach fleet.
From 1996-2004 she served on the Orange Beach City Council. She has been managing the local fishing boat association since returning to private business and volunteering for the boards of several community projects in recent years.
Mrs. Ethridge has been competing in the Masters Games at the district and state levels for 8 years.  She has competed in all events and has won 75+ medals at both the district and state levels. Iris has always been a big supporter and promoter of the Masters Games of Alabama.
Congratulations to District 7’s All Star, Iris Ethridge!

Mr. John Choquette has been attending the games for over 7 years.  He is 86 years young and us one of the most enthusiastic participants. Every week you can find John at the bowling alley participating in tournaments.
John has always been competitive, especially as a young man whose career as a professional horse jockey made him famous world-wide.  Mr. John is eager to show the pictures he has stashed in his cell phone of his successful horse racing career, as well as the many movie stars he met along the way. 
He never meet a stranger.  In the years he has been attending the games, he has met and entertained many participants with his great sense of humor and enthusiastic spirit.  And he does love the Ladies!
As a participant, he represents what the games are all about: love of the sport, enthusiasm, and the desire to meet new people. 
It is our pleasure to award Mr. John Choquette with the All Stars in District 8!

Mrs. Annie Freeman is a native of Bullock County, Alabama, but has resided in Montgomery for the last 60+ years.  She is the mother of two sons, Dr. Theodore R. Smith, Jr., (Rosalyn) and Willie Freeman, Jr.  She is the proud grandmother of three, Shannon Smith Jackson, Theodore R. Smith III, and Kobie Alexander Smith.  She is also blessed to be the Great Grandmother of Trinity Brionne Smith, Jonathan David Smith and coming in December, Kaelyn Simone Smith. She attends St. Paul AME Church where she has been a member for 62 years.  She is a member of the Daniel Pride Chapter #637 of the Order of Eastern Star.
Mrs. Freeman has worked in sales for over 40 years.  She retired from Parisian in 1997 where she worked as a sales consultant.  Mrs. Freeman also worked for the Mental Health System of Alabama, having retired only three years ago.
Mrs. Freeman joined the Patterson Court Community Center in 1997 where she enjoyed working with the Seniors Program. When the program moved to Freewill Baptist Church, she transferred there where she was elected President of the center. She also helped with all of the activities of the Freewill Center. The center then moved to Normandale Center where she worked as a fundraiser, where the funds were used to finance trips to attend the Masters Games, senior trips to the Missile Center in Huntsville, the King Center in Atlanta, as well as many other places.  She is currently active in the St. Paul AME Center where she continues to help coordinate activities at the center.
Mrs. Freeman has been an active participant in the Masters Games for the last 15 years. . She has won numerous medals at the state and local levels.  She is especially known for her prowess in dominoes and basketball.  At the tender age of 83, Mrs. Freeman is looking forward to participating in Masters Games and bringing home the gold to her center.
Way to go and congratulations to Annie Freeman!

The following District 4 Golden Alumni Award winner was nominated by the Jacksonville Senior Center Manager, Andrea Morris.  She wrote…
I consider it an honor to nominate Estelle Lee for the Golden Alumni Award. Estelle moved to Alabama from Washington to live with her daughter Sylvia Childs and eventually joined our center and the Masters Games of Alabama.
Estelle passed away the August after her 91st birthday. She was always one of my favorites to watch practice games.  She was proud of the fact that she was in her late 80s and older than most of the participants.  I remember her saying, “If they can do it, so can I!”  It was a challenge for her to keep up with the younger seniors and it lit a fire inside of her.  Because of that fire, she won 5 medals at the State Games.  She loved and enjoyed people and fellowship.
Masters Games had a great impact on her life in that it strengthened her physically and emotionally, giving her the chance to get her daughter, Sylvia, involved as they would practice and travel to the competitions together.   Couple of years ago, Sylvia said the following about her mother:
“My Mom always walks away with the gold or silver medal.  I didn’t realize how much strength she had until the Masters Games.  I also saw her strength get stronger. Masters games started out for my Mom, but I am glad they dropped the age limit so that I could compete too. I really got excited.”
Estelle participated up until 2014 when she became ill, and in August of this year, she went she went home to be with the Lord. She will forever be missed and remembered for her love of the games and enthusiasm.
Congratulations to Estelle Lee for her Golden Alumni Award!

“Mr. Faye” as he was known, became one of the greatest assets the Wedowee Senior Center has ever had.  He and his wife had been homebound clients since early 2008. He then joined the congregate program of the Wedowee Center in December 2009 after his wife passed away. He talked to everyone he met about the center and “how it gave him the will to go on”.  He was most active and led the way to play dominoes every day in the center.
He was very active in Master Game’s competition and did every sport offered.  He won 42 medals in a period of the 5 years he participated in the games, and he convinced many other people to participate.  He often said he won some of them because no one else was old enough to play in his age group.
He was the one to say “We haven’t had any fried green tomatoes lately so we better plan a dinner out at our favorite restaurant – THE GREEN TOMATO – IN LAGRANGE, GA, which is about 1 hour from Wedowee.
At his funeral, the pastor said he loved 3 things (1) God (2) Family and (3) The Senior Center.  He would laugh and say this was the only place that “old fools” were allowed to come and be themselves.  Get a good laugh and have fun.  The food was secondary to him because interaction with the other congregate clients was what he looked forward to.
Sadly, he passed away on April 24, 2015 after a brief illness.  “He was my greatest mentor”, said Wedowee Senior Center Manager, Elaine Blake. “When we went to the District master games this year, almost everyone asked about him and said he would be missed.”
In fond remembrance, we present the District 6 Golden Alumni Award to Oliver Faye Williams.  Doug Williams is here to accept the award on his behalf.

Judy Taylor has participated in the Masters Games since the very first year.  For the past 25 years, she has played rook and dominoes at the district and state every year.  There was not a single year in all that time that Judy didn’t win some place at the district games and advance to the state games.  But perhaps even more important than her participation in the games has been her contribution to making the games such a success in District 9.
She served on District 9’s first planning committee and continued in that capacity for many years.  As Elmore County’s Aging Program Director for many years, she motivated the seniors to participate, made arrangements for their transportation and travel to the district and state games. She would raise local donations to help pay the travel expenses for those who couldn’t pay their own.
So, while the Masters Games had an impact on Judy’s life, the real impact has been that made by Judy herself.  Without her tireless efforts for many years, many seniors would not have experienced and enjoyed the benefits of the Masters Games.
We congratulate you, Judy Taylor, on your Golden Alumni Award from District 9!

This year’s President’s award goes to a person that first became involved with the Masters Games of Alabama in 2005.  Unlike most Board members, she came into the events minus athletes! She came seeking information about a fairly new senior program, and because of her enthusiasm and strong organization skills, she quickly became an integral part of the Board of Directors.  Within two years of working on the Board, Alison agreed to accept the nomination as the Treasurer for the Masters Games of Alabama.  The position included not only handling all registration fees from 9 districts, it also involved working closely with the President and Executive Board as the 501(c) 3 status was reestablished.  Alison was also responsible for managing financial accounts for several of the districts to ensure compliance with IRS audit finding.  Through numerous tense moments of balancing checking accounts, ensuring that all bills were paid in a timely manner, and ordering supplies, Alison has always maintained her sense of Auburn humor and reminds us that everything is possible if we all work together. 
So from the bottom of our hearts, Alison, THANK YOU for the past 10 years of hard work and dedication to the Masters Games of Alabama.